The Skills Development Corporation was started in 2012 by Daniel Gibhard as a solution to all B-BBEE requirements. For 2 years, Daniel assisted many clients in interpreting and implementing the codes within their businesses, which included outsourcing Skills Development to other Training providers.

In 2014, when the new codes were being drafted, Daniel had realised that there was a huge gap in the market for top quality Training Providers as he had seen that his clients were being over charged and

essentially not getting what they were paying for, and changed his focus to only specialising in the Skills Development element of B-BBEE

We are very proud to stand by our logo ‘We are the Difference’.

As much as our business has grown, we have enriched the lives of so many young underprivileged learners. With the help of our clients’, we have given them the opportunity to excel.


We are a Level 1 Contributor with 51% Black Female ownership, and are an accredited learning institution specialising in Training and Learnership initiatives focused on the B-BBEE codes of good practice. We render excellent and affordable need-specific training to all companies. We then connect these initiatives to our clients B-BBEE needs and customise our model accordingly so that we can accommodate our clients with an onsite or off site solution.

Through our strategically specialised structure, we can run any number of abled or disabled learners in any industry, either employed by organisations or source unemployed candidates. Being an accredited training provider we ensure that our clients are eligible for the TAX rebate of R80’000 per abled learner and R120’000 per disabled learner, referred to in Section 12H of the Income TAX Act of South Africa.


TO DELIVER top quality Education and Training.

TO CONTRIBUTE to the success of our learners and the development of their education.

CREATE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to our clients, to increase overall productivity.

PROVIDE EXCELLENT customer service with passion, commitment and expertise.

ENSURE THAT ALL CUSTOMER needs and expectations are achieved.

TO TREAT EVERY PERSON equally, appreciating the diverse cultures of our Country.

THAT ALL WORK UNDERTAKEN will lead to successes and achievement.

TO LEARN ON A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS  from all our clients, to continuously improve on our services and capabilities.



• Accredited Learnership Programmes

• Accredited Skills Programmes

• Enterprise Development Beneficiary

• Supplier Development Beneficiary

• Socio-Economic Development Beneficiary

• Learner Sourcing and Placement

• Skills Audit

• WSP/ATR/Pivotal Plan

• Application for SETA grants

• Skills Development Workshops

• Human Resource Solutions

• Employment Equity (Policy Development & Reporting)


The SDC campus is home to over 2000 learners per year, here is a virtual tour of the company that is changing the lives of thousand of youth across South Africa!