The Skills Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd recognizes our obligation to raising the profile of education, training and skills development within South Africa. We as an accredited training provider try to maintain the highest principles, core values and ethical standards in carrying out all our business activities.

Through our strategically specialized structure we render excellent and affordable training initiatives that ensure quality of learning for people previously disadvantaged that will benefit the economy.

A strategy that we believe has the most effect, is in our Learnership readiness program, covering all the basics for our youth before they embark on a new journey (Ethics, Attire, Hygiene, Budgeting, Time keeping, Etiquette, Behavior, Rules and regulations, following and understanding of policies and procedures

As per the Skills Development Act, each seta must develop a Sector Skills Plan which focuses on the profile of the labour force and the supply and demand within the labour market.

SDC has aligned all courses, across many different SETA’s to fall in within the scarce and critical skills of South Africa, we source and train youth to become qualified in these areas, offering them the utmost guidance and support in order for them to complete with a full qualification and workplace experience. SDC has also added a division that is a Financial Service Provider, offering funeral policies to all our learners and training them to become independent agents and create their own source of income by doing so we are contributing to our economy as a whole.

Many companies are beginning to see the value of Skills Development and wanting to be more involved and make a difference. Over the last 3 to 5 years we have had tremendous growth within our organization, our productivity and performance has only but excelled. We are a Supplier Development beneficiary and due to financial assistance from our Customers we have been able to increase our operational capabilities, employ more staff, host more learners and provide the utmost unbelievable learning experience for our learners.