Despite efforts and intervention from both government and the private sector, there remains educational and employment disparities that must be addressed in South Africa. Learner Sourcing & Placement assists businesses in identifying candidates for upskilling and internal placement. In turn, this allows brands to address internal shortfalls in their workforce, while enriching the lives of B-BBEE aligned candidates.

In summary, Learner Sourcing & Placement refers to the act of sourcing B-BBEE aligned, unemployed candidates, both abled and disabled. These candidates are sourced in accordance with Provincial or National Economically Active Population (EAP) Targets.

At the end of the Learnership, the Skills Development Corporation strives to assist companies with the absorption of their learners in sustainable and suitable positions. It is paramount to this service for our learners to achieve full-time employment.

Brands that utilize this service both empower and are empowered by suitable candidates that meet the criteria to address key-role shortfalls.